Lane Babb *****

 Great store that has a high-end feel. They have a ton of awesome products, and I especially love the hi-tech items. There are some really cool pillows that are scented for relaxation purposes, and also ones that are specifically designed with cold-foam technology so that you never have to flip the pillow over to the "cold side". Overall, this is great store that has a ton of awesome products. Mike (the owner) is genuinely interested in caring for the needs of his customers and everyone he works with. 

Amy Diane *****

 If you haven't already, you have to stop in and check this place out. Their pillow selection is to die for. And if you're in the market for a new mattress, this is definitely the place to go. 

Joshua Divan *****

 Snooze has a great selection of mattress sets. If your looking for a nice mattress this is the place to go. I used to work at Furniture Row and Denver mattress has nothing on snooze. Make snooze your first stop and it will b your only stop.

Zink Zhang *****

 Had the first-time experience with the adjustable bed that could put you on zero gravity position. Plus with other things such as pillows, sheets and bed map tester It could make you feel you should treat sleeping more seriously (as a luxurious enjoyment). 

Anonymous *****

 Great selection of mattresses, including organic and formaldehyde free beds! The Reveal System maps your pressure points to give insight into which bed is best for you. Check it out! 

Ken Butch Banderman *****

 Absolutely first class. Lots of choices and great quality! 

Karen Peterson Minton*****

Excellent customer service! I got exactly what I needed with the help of the owner Mike. Can't wait for my delivery.